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Quick Overview
  • Pack of 2 spray bottles of Stud 100 to help you last longer.
  • THE AUTHENTIC, ORIGINAL DESENSITIZING SPRAY – STUD 100 has been the best-selling desensitizing spray in Canada for over 50 years! Look for the gold cap with the STUD 100 logo!
  • HELPS DELAY EJACULATION – Combat the embarrassment of premature ejaculation! This topical spray helps you control your climax, so you last longer!
  • RELAX AND PERFORM – Our formula is designed to desensitize so you can better enjoy the pleasure of sex for longer. The active ingredient is Lidocaine, a numbing agent commonly used in the medical and dental professions.
  • CONFIDENCE BUILDER – Last longer and perform better. The more you use it the more confident you’ll feel.
  • YOUR LITTLE SECRET – STUD 100 comes in a pocket-sized bottle so you can take it with you for whenever you might need it!
  • Please note: This product can only be shipped within Canada.
  • Our sister company, BMS Enterprises is the only authorized Canadian importer of this product. 
  • This particular packaging for STUD 100® is ONLY eligible for sale in Canada. Please locate STUD 100® for sale within your own country if you are outside of Canada. All non-Canadian orders for STUD 100® will not be accepted.



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Take Back Control of Your Orgasm! Regain Confidence, Last Longer, and Have Better Sex!

The night is going well. Dinner was great, the conversation was engaging and now things are starting up in the bedroom. The passion is building, the heat is rising, and the excitement is reaching a limit. And that’s when that limit breaks, much too soon. Things were just starting, but now they’re over. This is what happens to men who suffer from premature ejaculation. The party is over before it can really begin. It’s something that happens to a lot of men, and something that can be rather embarrassing.

What Exactly is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs when a man reaches orgasm and ejaculates too quickly and without control shortly after sexual penetration. In other words, ejaculation occurs before a man or his partner wants it to happen. The best definition of PE is “the persistent or recurrent onset of orgasm and ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation before, on, or shortly after penetration and before the person wishes it, causing marked distress or interpersonal difficulties.” – Canadian Men’s Clinic.

PE can not only end a night of passionate sex early but can cause frustration between partners. It can cause mental stress and possibly lead to other psychological issues. The male can feel as though he is letting down his partner, and the partner may feel unsatisfied and frustrated at the quick orgasms of their partner. There can even be a feeling of emasculation as the male feels he is losing control of his sex life, unable to please his partner, worried they may look elsewhere for satisfaction. There can be feelings of anger or shame and those are feelings that do not belong in the bedroom or in a healthy sex life. The anxiety that can then come with these feelings can worsen the situation so it’s best to find a solution. Thankfully, STUD 100® is offering up a fantastic one, with an easy-to-use delay spray to help men retake control of their sex lives.

STUD 100® is the best and most trusted way for men to deal with PE, but it’s not the only reason people use it. There are men and women who just want their sexual experiences to last longer whether that’s 30 minutes or 3 hours. STUD 100® helps there too, so remember that even if you are a marathon man, you can always be a double marathon man!

Why STUD 100® Is The Best Response?

Nerves in the penis are stimulated during intercourse, masturbation or other sexual acts. These nerves send signals to the brain which in turn causes the body to orgasm. STUD 100® desensitizes the nerve endings in the penis, delaying their reaction to the stimulation felt during sex. In order to create the perfect delay spray, we had to create the perfect formula. We also had to be realistic, as something so perfect can’t be made overnight. By slowly receiving feedback from customers over the years, we were able to apply this information to the formula and create the magic concoction that is now known as STUD 100®.

We know that there are other competitors out there all trying to do the same thing as STUD 100®. However, it’s our formula that pushes us apart from the crowd and has us standing alone as the world’s greatest delay spray for men. While competitor products are newer to the market, STUD 100® has been around since 1970. The formula was perfected and has been helping men regain their confidence and last longer during sex for decades. STUD 100® is the brand men, and their partners, trust to help them get the job done, eventually. The longer it takes, the happier they are. We pride ourselves in knowing that we truly have created the perfect formula to help give you the best sex of your life. STUD 100® is quick and easy and has been giving men amazing results for over 50 years. It uses lidocaine, a common numbing agent used in the dental profession, in a formula that has been perfected over the years. There is a reason men and their partners keep returning to STUD 100®: IT WORKS. It’s time to take control of your orgasms and become the Stud you were meant to be.

When looking at similar products on the market, the value of STUD 100® is undeniable! While the bottles of these products may look the same as ours, and have a lower price, the amount that is included in their bottles is significantly less than what STUD 100® offers. The quantity, number of sprays, and cost per spray in incrementally better with STUD 100®. Just through volume alone STUD 100® is the better choice.

Did you Know?

As an ongoing quality control procedure, the importer of STUD 100® is inspected by Health Canada every year.

We obtain a license from Health Canada to sell this product.

STUD 100® contains Lidocaine USP 9.6% w/w (approx. 10mg per metered dose) which acts as a topical desensitizer and does not require a prescription.

We comply with all Health Canada regulations.

In Canada, STUD 100® can only be sold legally with a DIN (Drug Identification Number) on the package. To make sure that you have the authentic product, the DIN printed on the canister must be 01901532.

It is the best-selling delay spray in the adult market and has been for years. Its effectiveness comes from an ingredient called Lidocaine whose quality needs to be maintained throughout its 5-year shelf life, and we make sure of it.

Most buyers are repeat buyers. Why? Because it works. Join the thousands of men who have regained their confidence and improved their sex life! Be the STUD you were meant to be!

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