Dolfinger Vibrator

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Dolfinger Vibrator
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Online Sale Price: C$39.96

Compare at: C$49.95
Save: C$9.99 (20%)

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Product Code: 5103
UPC: 4892503036541
Brand: NMC

Material: Jelly, ABS Plastic
Powered By: 3 AA Batteries
Special Features: Multispeed, Multifunction, Stretchy, Vibrating bullet included

The Dolfinger is a small sex toy that packs a punch. Looks can be deceiving as this small bullet is surprisingly strong and can be used with or without the popular jelly dolphin sleeve. A small hole, at the base of the dolphin, allows for the bullet to fit snugly inside. The ring is stretchy but very durable. The large amount of stretch allows this ring to be worn on the finger for manual stimulation or on the base of the penis creating extra sensation for both partners during intercourse. Dolfinger is a multi-speed and multi-function toy.

The remote has both up and down pushbutton arrows which allow the user to move both forward and backward through the settings. This is a great feature, if one passes a setting they like, no need to cycle through all the settings to find it again, just press the back button and you are instantly where you want to be. Dolfinger's remote takes three AA batteries and also has an LED light allowing one to see what setting the bullet is on. The feature is great for couple play allowing one partner to have the remote while the other uses the bullet. Now, all parties can know what setting the bullet is on without feeling for the toy. The LED light flashes in the vibe pattern the bullet is on, and the LED light also becomes brighter as the vibration becomes stronger. The Dolfinger is a plug-in style bullet and remote, with a remote that offers two ports allowing two bullets to be run at one time. Plug and play bullets and remotes allow you to replace the bullet once the toy has worn out. This style toy also allows you to buy different size bullets for different types of vibration. All these accessories, including a rabbit sleeve, can be found on our website. The Dolfinger kit includes, 1 remote, 1 bullet and 1 dolphin sleeve.

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Q: Where can I buy just the bullets as mentioned in the description?
I have three controllers as the chord on the the bullet keeps crapping
Worth the short term investment I have to say but if there is a way to just buy replacements that would be cool
A: We do sell the bullets for these seperately. We have different sized bullets available. The 5109 - Silver Bullet - 2.25", 5110 - Silver Bomb - 2" and the 5111 - Chrome Bullet - 1.25" .

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