Some studies suggest that more than half of North America (Canada and United States) owns a vibrator. To some, this number may seem shocking, but these days it is getting more and more accepted. With the taboo of owning sex toy diminishing, the demand for better and more luxurious, feature-rich sex toy increases. Just 20 years ago, you were not to talk about your vibrator with your friends. These days, there are full parties devoted to it. However, some people still may not feel comfortable publicly purchasing their own vibrator. In this section, you will find a large selection of vibrators through all price ranges with almost any feature you want. From beginners to intermediates, you are sure to find the right vibe for you at Aren't We Naughty.

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  1. Calexotics DazzLED Rabbit Vibrator - Brilliance - Blue
    Special Price US$48.63 Regular Price US$60.79

  2. Calexotics DazzLED Rabbit Vibrator - Radiance - Fuchsia
    Special Price US$48.63 Regular Price US$60.79

  3. Palm Springs Pleaser – Bendable G-spot Vibrator
    Special Price US$60.79 Regular Price US$75.99

  4. Shanes World Vibrator- Hers
    Special Price US$12.12 Regular Price US$15.16

  5. 5" Rotating Emperor Vibrator & Dildo
    Special Price US$60.76 Regular Price US$79.76

  6. Cherry Scented Vibrator & Dong
    Special Price US$45.19 Regular Price US$64.56

  7. Decadent Indulgence Vibrator
    Special Price US$121.57 Regular Price US$151.96

  8. Clit Exciter Vibrator
    As low as US$21.25

  9. Whisper Micro-Heated Vibrator Bullet - Black
    Special Price US$18.21 Regular Price US$22.76

  10. Mini-Rocker - Pink
    Special Price US$20.88 Regular Price US$41.76

  11. Turbo Glider Blueberry Bliss Vibrator
    Special Price US$17.44 Regular Price US$22.76

  12. Velvet Cote - Pleasure Doppler Vibrator
    Special Price US$27.94 Regular Price US$34.92

  13. Turbo Glider Raspberry Crush Vibrator
    Special Price US$18.21 Regular Price US$22.76

  14. Couture Collection - Inspire - Vibrator Purple
    Special Price US$68.07 Regular Price US$85.08

  15. Pure Ecstasy 5 inch Silicone Vibe
    Special Price US$14.04 Regular Price US$28.08

  16. Foreplay Ice Frost Frozen Silicone Vibe
    Special Price US$18.99 Regular Price US$32.64

  17. Lulu Intense Power Satin Touch Vibrator
    Special Price US$18.96 Regular Price US$26.56

  18. Waterproof Remote "G" Vibrator- Black
    Special Price US$72.93 Regular Price US$91.16

  19. Pure Silicone B.O.B Vibe Vibrator- Pink
    Special Price US$51.65 Regular Price US$64.56

  20. G-Kiss Vibrator
    As low as US$30.36

  21. Risque "Tulip" Vibrator
    As low as US$27.32

  22. Lia Bounding Bunny Vibrator
    As low as US$36.45

  23. Tantric Nirvana Vibrator
    As low as US$44.35

  24. Lia "G" Kiss 10-Function Silicone Vibrator
    Special Price US$39.49 Regular Price US$49.36

  25. Lia "G" Bliss 10-Function Silicone Vibrator
    Special Price US$39.49 Regular Price US$49.36

  26. Posh 10-Function Teaser Vibrator- Purple
    Special Price US$34.02 Regular Price US$42.52

  27. E.V.A. Extreme Action Vibrator
    Special Price US$48.61 Regular Price US$60.76

  28. Waterproof Power Stud Cliterrific Vibrator
    Special Price US$30.37 Regular Price US$37.96

  29. 10 Function Charisma Twisty Vibrator
    Special Price US$36.45 Regular Price US$45.56

  30. Posh Silicone Mini Vibrator
    As low as US$20.03

  31. Silicone Double Dancer Vibrator
    As low as US$30.37

  32. Envy Vibrator by Jopen ~ One
    Special Price US$82.05 Regular Price US$102.56

  33. Envy Vibrator by Jopen - Two
    Special Price US$85.09 Regular Price US$106.36

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Items 1-40 of 109

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