When one thinks of sex toys, they generally immediately think of vibrators. Everyone is different and not everyone loves a vibrating sensation, some people prefer the more real feel a dildo gives. For those people we offer a large selection of dildos that range from non-descript to incredibly realistic, to downright quirky. Looking for an artistic shape? We've got it. Maybe something hyper-realistic to act out your wildest fantasy? We've got that too. Or perhaps you'd like a sophisticated stone or glass dildo? We've also got those. Whatever you're looking for, chances are we have it.

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  1. Basix Rubber Works Dildo
    Special Price US$18.21 Regular Price US$22.76

  2. 9 Inch Suction Cup Dildo With Balls
    Special Price US$35.61 Regular Price US$50.88

  3. King Cock 8 inch Dildo
    Special Price US$38.27 Regular Price US$47.84

  4. King Cock 16 inch Double Dildo
    Special Price US$54.69 Regular Price US$68.36

  5. 12 inch "Dildo With Balls"
    Special Price US$75.96 Regular Price US$98.76

  6. King Cock 6 inch Dildo
    Special Price US$26.56 Regular Price US$34.16

  7. King Cock 7 inch Dildo
    Special Price US$27.32 Regular Price US$37.96

  8. 9 inch King Cock With Balls
    Special Price US$42.52 Regular Price US$53.16

  9. 9 Inch Squirting "Dildo With Balls"
    Special Price US$41.00 Regular Price US$68.36

  10. Dillio 7" Slim Dildo
    Special Price US$21.25 Regular Price US$26.56

  11. Dillio 8" Dildo
    Special Price US$28.55 Regular Price US$35.68

  12. Dillio 9" Dildo
    Special Price US$42.53 Regular Price US$53.16

  13. Dillio 16" Double Dildo
    Special Price US$48.61 Regular Price US$60.76

  14. King Cock 6 Inch Squirting Dildo
    Special Price US$41.76 Regular Price US$56.96

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14 Items

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